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Many people pay a company to put ones files on the web. The Dreamhost discount offered to all their users is a massive reduction for their first year. The normal price is $119.40 but for now it is slashed to only $19.40. Why not jump at this chance while you can.

They are the most used and popular web service and they also offer user friendly features. These are the one click Wordpress which enables one to get your management set up not only easily but also very fast. This is a shared plan but those that use their services regularly will benefit when you need to scale up.

Many that have used them suggest that you sign up for a minimum of two years as you will benefit more from this. The second year you will save about $20 but it is still far cheaper than most. The only downfall is that existing customers don't benefit from such huge discounts.

Shared hosting is referred to as web hosting and this is an internet hosting service. It helps businesses and individuals to let their website be seen on the World Wide Web. These companies help to provide space on a certain server with access to internet connectivity; this is usually in a data centre.

For a certain time Dreamhost is offering a . Co to companies and entrepreneurs for only a $12.95 a year. These will help to identify ones exclusive presence online. It is a saving of 50%. If one signs up for a shared hosting package you will be entitled to either a . Com, . Org or a . Info domain free for as long as you stay with them.

They have a slogan that goes "imagine the web, your way" and they firmly believe in it. They have a group of people that are very talented and will go out of their way to ensure that whatever projects are handed to them will be completed. They also believe that giving their customers the right tools to get their dreams online will help lift their company's status and ensure their customers get to do their business right.

They are also all about the environment like turning off the lights before leaving in the evenings as well as printing on both sides of the paper. They have a choice of either using solar panels or connecting with a green power utility. This will mean that they will be purchasing renewable energy credits. Their company has even joined the U. S. Green Chamber of Commerce to help support job creation, energy efficiency as well as a brighter economic future for all.

To view all of their discounts, you can visit their web page, one will be surprised what they are offering. Whether it is for the individual or companies there are many specials to be seen. They promise to http://ahcdh.com/dreamhost-coupons.html - http://ahcdh.com/dreamhost-coupons.html provide one with the best web hosting service that they can.

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